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In a first for photography in southern Africa

I secured an exclusive concession to provide dedicated photographic hides at Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana.

Mashatu is a 36 000 ha reserve well known for its excellent predator sightings and elephant encounters. I have been travelling to and leading photo safaris Mashatu since 2005. I was immediately struck by the landscape and wonderful animal sightings the area offers. However I knew that it could offer something more. I had always dreamt of setting up proper hides for photographing from. Eventually it dawned upon me that Mashatu was the perfect place for a variety of hides. It all started with a phone call to Mashatu HQ and from there it was a year of planning and building hides some 6ookm in the middle of nowhere. I was involved in every detail of building the hides. Constructing an underground hide is one thing, but the layout and direction within the lay of the land was the most important aspect and I used every resource I had available to insure that the hide was positioned at the perfect angle for photographing wildlife from.

The elephant hide has now become an amazing attraction for photographers. Guests travel from around the world to enjoy the low angle perspective and close proximity to animals you get when inside it. A morning spent in the hide is one that changes your perspective on wildlife photography forever. You can sit quietly and watch the animals and birds come straight towards you while taking pictures from unique angles and create exceptional images. It is until the elephants arrive. This is normally a heart stopping moment as they quietly sneak up on you and then as they reach the water explode in a rush of noise and activity. Watching this from a couple of meters away makes for one of the top wildlife experiences one can have. This video on the hide gives you a good idea of what you can expect.




Each photo workshop I lead at Mashatu includes visits to the elephant hide.  Join me on one of these workshops as we explore the beauty of Mashatu and enjoy what the hide has to offer.

I also host a number of premier photo tours each year that include exclusive access and use of the hide. On these safaris you will have access to full use of the hide at your own accord without any other visitors. I book out the hide so you can enjoy the experience in the most exclusive environment.

If you would like to join me on a photo workshop or a photo tour to experience the hides first hand with me please contact the office.

I am also available to host private safaris to the hide at Mashatu. Here you will get the full benefit of my knowledge and one-to-one tuition when in Mashatu and in the hides. I know Mashatu better than any other reserve in Africa due to the amount of time I have spent there. This gives you excellent access to my knowledge and experience of the area when on safari with me.

You can read all about the hides on the photo hides website:


The Mashatu Hide - an elephant bazaar! from untitled film works on Vimeo.


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