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Masai Mara Predator Photo Safari 2019

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The Masai Mara is of course most famous for the river crossings of the wildebeest across the Mara. However, what many people don’t realise is that this is the predator capital of Africa. No where else is the lion density higher or the cheetah numbers higher. 4 resident leopard are known to reside within 10 minutes from our camp and of course the hyenas in the Mara are famous for their clean up acts. And why February for the predator tour? Well, its just after the short rains and the grass is nice and green but still short; most of the predators have young now, which allows for some intimate images of cubs and pups and of course quite importantly, there is very little tourist traffic around. So we will have much of the area to ourselves. The beauty of this tour is that we will be using our well-known Masai guides who have worked with C4 for the last 10 years and know the area and predators intimately. You will be guided by Shem and Andre who has excellent knowledge of the Masai Mara. Once again C4 Photo Safaris offers you the opportunity to experience the best of Africa’s wildlife so that you can take the best images available. We will once again be staying at our resident Entim Private Explorer Camp, situated right in the heart of the reserve, and in the heart of the action.



Key Points:

  • The camp is inside the Masai Mara reserve with a view of the main crossing point.
  • The position of the camp is within the two main rivers- the Talek and Mara rivers, meaning easy and fast access to the most productive game viewing areas.
  • You will be personally guided and driven by professional wildlife photographers who know the Masai Mara eco system exceptionally well.
  • No gate restrictions or racing for the gate during the best hours of light. (All gates close at 18h30, and as most camps are outside the reserve, vehicles must leave the reserve) we are inside the Mara, thus can stay till dark.
  • We will have 3 x long wheelbase Land cruisers for our use. There will be max 3 photographers per vehicle.
  • Non-photographers can share the same bench as the photographer, or sit in the front seat. Each photographer will have a whole row as well as a roof hatch. 8 Pax maximum per tour.
  • We will have the whole camp to ourselves.
  • The camp is a permanent tent camp - tents have flush toilets and hot bucket showers.
  • There is a battery bank and silent generator for charging batteries and laptops.


  • For each tour, we have organised a minibus that will take our cargo luggage from the Serena hotel to the Camp and back again upon return.
  • The entire weight limit for the internal flight is 15kg. This is strictly enforced by SafariLink.
  • We have provided the transport for the cargo luggage for your cargo luggage. It is up to you to ensure you are within the limits for the internal flights. You will be liable for any excess weight.
  • There are Bean bags in the camp. These are filled with beans. If you would like to bring your own bag to fill with rice or sand, we will provide rice.
  • For those not arriving from South Africa, we will have separate airport transfers to meet you. All transfers for single arrivals will have Surname typed on a name board that the driver will hold up.
  • It is very important to get your yellow fever injection and certificate. It should be done lo later then 2 weeks before your trip. It is valid for 10 years, so if you have had one done, you should just remember to bring the certificate.
  • On all our tours we may ask participants to rotate seats in the vehicles, taking it in turn to sit in the more popular seats in the front and the less popular ones in the rear. This requirement applies to everyone. If there is some reason why you can’t take your turn in the back of a vehicle (e.g. a bad back or travel sickness) please inform our office at the time of booking to see if we can accommodate you. We regret that anyone failing to inform us of such limitations before the tour will be expected to rotate seats in the same way as everyone else.




Day 1 - 2

Serena Hotel, Kenya

Arrive in Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi, Kenya in the early afternoon. A 45-minute road transfer will take you to the African elegance of the Serena hotel. You will spend the evening in the lush and open grounds of the Serena Hotel. One of Nairobi’s original hotels, this hotel has all the comforts of the past with the convenience of the modern era: The perfect place to relax for the evening.



Day 2 - 8

Entim Main Camp, Kenya

We depart for the Masai Mara at 10am on a scheduled flight from Wilson Airport and touch down at Ol-Kiombo Airstrip after a short 1-hour flight. From there you will be transferred by road to the Entim Camp situated in the actual Mara itself. You will be staying in a classic East African style safari camp consisting of canvas tents, staffed by local Maasai. You will have en-suite bathrooms with flush loos, flowing water and hot showers. While traditional, the camp is comfortable with large beds and private verandah’s. That afternoon we will enter the reserve for the first time and sample one of Africa’s greatest ecosystems. For these six full days, we will focus on showing you the best of the Masai Mara. We will take you out each morning in the first light. We will have long wheel base vehicles with roof top hatches and large windows from which to photograph. Each person will have their own seat with window and hatch, ensuring that everyone has ample room to photograph from. Brackets, braces and clamps can be fixed onto the rails on the vehicles for tripod heads and flash brackets. Everything is designed to aid your photographic enjoyment.

Depending on how and where the action is, we might spend whole days in the reserve taking a picnic lunch along with us. We will search for as many predators as possible,including cheetah, as the great plains are home to these majestic cats. You will also enjoy unfamiliar sights of general game such as Topi standing aloft termite mounds and tiny shy dik diks going about their daily routine. The Mara also houses some of the largest buffalo bulls on the continent and a huge density of raptors. A special for birders, amongst others, is the large and relatively common rupell’s griffon.

Our time in the Masai Mara will not just be about the wildlife though. We will take you to seldom-visited parts of the ecosystem and indeed right up to the southern boundary where the Masai Mara and Serengeti adjoin. Here, there is little human traffic, and we will enjoy the peace and quiet of the great plains as well as some private game viewing. This element of our safari is unique as most safari operators concentrate all their efforts on the river but we feel that by combining superb game viewing with a wilderness experience, we will offer our guests the very best of the Masai Mara.

The evenings will be spent sitting around the camp fire where and dining on excellent camp cuisine. As the coals die down, the warm camp beds beckon and everyone retires to bed.